Fight Them Back

News just in- Trafford Council have conceded every point in our solicitor’s letter to them challenging their proposed cuts to Isaac’s respite and support budget, acknowledging that the process was flawed and unlawful, that they had irrationally ignored all the professional advice received and that they had not provided any ‘cogent rationale’ for the cuts. We win.

Will they now reverse the cuts they have already got through to other families’ budgets? Will they halt all the proposed cuts to other families in the same position as us? Or will they carry on regardless, hoping no one will notice, and see what they can get away with? Is central government keeping an eye on them and their flawed policy? Will they be rolling this pilot out next year? If so, will other councils soon be facing legal challenges too? Have Trafford’s legal department been to tear strips off the people in charge at the Young People with Complex and Additional Needs department? So many questions I’d like answered. in the meantime… we will celebrate.

Cool As Carpet

Continuing my new, semi-regular feature of bands and songs names related to , um, flooring and it’s Oldham’s Inspiral Carpets. I used to like them and for a while shared a house with a bloke who was obsessed with them. They had a long, slow decline but some decent pop hits in 89 and 90, despite Shaun Ryder’s comment that they were ‘clueless knobheads’. Bit rude really. There’s the MES collaboration which is good. This Is How It Feels. Commercial Rain. Directing Traffic. But they never really sounded better than on this tinny, organ and guitar garage romp, a tribute to Joe, a tramp who lived on Sackville Street in town. Although I don’t think this is the earlier version off the legendary Dung 4 cassette (which I flogged on ebay recently for a fiver).