It’s worth remembering (as Drew and others have pointed out), as everyone joins in to pay tribute to a great man, that admiring Nelson Mandela was once a political act.

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  1. Well said sir. It still is. It still is.

  2. A great man is gone – Your words are perfect.

  3. So true. But society has tried so hard over the past two decades to turn Madiba into a friendly wise old grandfather. But his power and historic defiance and resistance will always live on.

  4. Remember that when that record came out a lot of people didn't know who he was. There was a joke going around about "Free Nelson Mandela – with every copy of this record!"

  5. I've played this out and about when djing at parties and without fail someone always comes up to tell me 'he's free'

  6. Dug out the old scratchy 12" of this on the day following his death and played it very loud indeed.

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