The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 130

What a week- I got a (temporary) promotion at work yesterday following an interview. I am now an acting Assistant Headteacher. Yup. Tonight I am off to meet our MP, Graham Brady (Con), at his surgery in Altrincham to explain our situation to him- that Trafford Council have taken the ‘irrational’ decision to cut our disabled son Isaac’s respite and support package by over 50% and how this is an unjust attack on a disabled child and his family. I suspect he will know little about it (Trafford Council seem to have done very well at keeping the whole thing very quiet), and maybe he’ll care even less, but he represents us and he’s going to hear our views and hopefully at least ask some questions. Simultaneously, we have taken legal advice and Trafford will be hearing from our solicitor shortly. When we win, I’ll let you know.

Gene Maltais made several hot rockabilly records in his 1950s heyday. This was one of them.


True Is The Dream

‘… mixed with nostalgia, but it’s a dream that I’ll always hang on to, that I’ll always run to, won’t you join me by the riverbank?’

This semi-psychedelic love letter to his childhood in the fields of Surrey is a song I never get tired of and shows Mr Weller, even as the sharp mod and angry young man of the early 80s, could hit the nostalgia button as well as the next man. Especially when childhood is compared to the travails of adult life- ‘now life is so critical, life is too cynical, we lose our innocence, we lose our very soul’

Wonderful stuff. And not a million miles in tone and tune from his solo comeback (as the shortlived Paul Weller Movement) in 1992, Into Tomorrow. At one point I saw the 12″ of this in Vinyl Exchange for £40. I was one of the few who bought it when it came out.