The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabillly Night 121

Tonight’s rockabilly offering is more early rock ‘n’ roll than rockabilly I think- there’s a difference though I’m not sure I can put my finger on exactly what it is. Rockabilly is rawer, swings more, closer to the black music that created it when it spawned with country. Rock ‘n’ roll is a bit cleaner, a bit whiter maybe- more country and pop, less blues and jazz. Maybe that’s all bollocks. Complaints to the usual department.

Johnny Restivo had a hit with this song in 1957. A smouldering hunk of love, he wasn’t above a bit of male modelling either as the picture above shows.

And indeed, the one below from 1960.

The tune’s a good ‘un. Unlike those pants.

The Shape I’m In

This Generation Rule The Nation

Big Youth, Sonic Youth…Musical Youth!

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of a theme being stretched past breaking point. Snaaaap!

Anyone around my age or older will remember 1982’s most unlikely number 1 single, by a bunch of kids from Birmingham. They sold four million copies and were the first black artists played on MTV. The Mighty Diamonds had a song- Pass the Koucthie- about passing the pipe around. Musical Youth altered it slightly to ‘dutchie’, patois for a cooking pot, and added the line ‘How does it feel when you got no food?’, turning a celebration of getting stoned into a celebration of getting stoned with social and economic overtones. Good work I feel.

Pass the Dutchie