Saturday Night Live

The Clash, live and red, red hot in Paris in February 1980. Jimmy Jazz, London Calling, Protex Blue, Train In Vain. As good as it gets.

Part Two? Koka Kola, I Fought The Law, Spanish Bombs, Wrong ‘Em Boyo, Stay Free.

Stiil here? Part three- Janie Jones, Complete Control, Garageland, Tommy Gun.

‘Tres bien mes amies. Fucking tres bien’.


There’s a very good Andrew Weatherall mix here, done for Modular People, to promote that splendid new Asphodells remix album- spaced out, melodic, cosmic, all that jazz. Featuring Fuxa, Japandorf, Julian Cope, The Warm Digits, Cavern Of Anti- Matter (new project from the Stereolab people), Forest Fire and Eat Lights Become Lights, it’s perfect for late summer evenings. Free download if you’re tempted.