Get Off Your Pretty Face

I can’t pretend I’ve anywhere near kept up with Julian Cope and all his output over the years and I don’t intend to start filling in the gaps now but the odd bit here and there is great- whether from his 80s pop era, his 90s phase or his more recent stuff. Brain Donor are Julian’s acid rock band. This is one of theirs…

Get Off Your Pretty Face

We’re off to Sheffield for a day or two- back posting Wednesday I should think. Have a good bank holiday (readers in England and Wales- everyone else, happy Monday).

3 Responses

  1. Whereabouts in Sheffield do you get to, if you don't mind me asking? It is, after all, my hometown, and it'd be weird to hear if you knew of places like the Lescar etc. (which pubs do you go to, is basically what I'm asking I suppose).

  2. Weird ahoy- The Lescar is just down the road from where our friends live. So, The Lescar, a bar near there on the main road sometimes, the Porter Cottage (I think), the park with the museum in it.

  3. Excellent! The Lescar was my local from school days until I moved to London, and Endcliffe Park the scene of many a toke. Most of my friends still live round there.

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