Non descript Wednesday in August, ho hum, what to post?

Something from This Is Dub Clash perhaps- a bootleg of Clash dubs, including this dub of The Escapades Of Futura 2000, from when The Clash invented white rock bands doing hip hop, with graffiti artist and sometime rapper Futura 2000 on the microphone.

The Escapades Of Futura Dub

At some point I’ll fill you in on the battle we have entered with Trafford Council who have decided to cut over 50% from the budget for a disabled boys activities and his families respite (ours, you’ve probably guessed). Rest assured though, this is not about cutting budgets. No, this is about ‘personalisation’ where ‘attaining positive outcomes for Isaac will be at the centre of the process’.

What would The Clash do? Fight the fuckers… while wearing quiffs and shirts with the sleeves chopped off. Pass the scissors and the hair grease.

5 Responses

  1. I hope you get a good outcome. Me and the wife were reflecting in fear on what it would have been like if we were seeking respite for the boy now, rather than 2005-2007.ctel

  2. It's fucking outrageous Ctel- we're going to take it as far as we can. I won't go on about all the details now but they're threatening to cut what will be (for us) no more than abut ten grand over the next four years (when he'll transfer to adult services). All the while sitting in a recently refurbished town hall, refurbed at a cost of £27 million.

  3. I've had students with special needs and I know how hard it is for their families. These things make me angry and sad. Hit those fuckers where it hurts. And HEAVY. Luca.

  4. Fuckers! Makes me so angry. I want to graffiti the town hall in protest but I live on the other side of the world.

  5. Keep fighting SA

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