Little Bird

I’ve got three Goldfrapp albums- two bought in charity shops (Supernature, Seventh Tree), one in an HMV sale (Black Cherry). I don’t know whether this tells you more about me or them. I’ve been meaning to get Felt Mountain for ages but haven’t got round to it. There’s a lot to be said for the electro-glam stomp of songs like Ooh La La or Strict Machine, the sexiness of Twist, the live shows with Alison and backing dancers wearing horses tails…. maybe I’ll stop there.

The bestone though, the most lasting one out of the three I’ve got, is 2008’s Seventh Tree, where they moved away from the dance sound and towards something more subtle, more psychedelic, more baroque- more adult maybe (not that necessarily means more boring, just less instant and requiring a bit more concentration). As it is it seems like the forthcoming one may be down similar lines- go see Davy’s post from a few weeks back for proof. Little Bird, the second song on Seventh Tree is a stunner- it wraps its way around you and digs into your soul. This live version in Bristol in 2010 is nerve tinglingly good.

Little Bird (Live in Bristol 2010)

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  1. I like Goldfrapp a lot but I always had the feeling she was a bit of a trend follower. Jumping from trip-hop on her first album to electroclash on the next two just a little bit behind everyone else everytime. Then she got all pastoral when folktronica (or whatever it's called) had become a thing.That live tune were lovely though.

  2. Know what you mean LL.

  3. I think Alison and Will Gregory don't get ENOUGH credit. Never really saw them as trend followers, rather I've always thought of them as an expert electronic duo that isn't afraid of moving in and out of genres and showing their ability to release stellar albums. Yep, I'm a fanboy.Seventh Tree really impressed me with it's pastoral, almost pagan qualities, but the Weimar cabaret electronica of Felt Mountain and Glam celebration of Black Cherry are still my favorites.I will always remember them for taking Olivia Newton John's Physical and turning it into a dark sexual burner as UK Girls.Can't wait for the new one and seeing what direction the head down next.

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