Electric Elephant

Second mix of the day and you’ll need to set a little time aside for this one- five hours of Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston doing their A Love From Outer space thing at Electric Elephant in Croatia recently. EE plugs it as ‘five hours of space age disco house music which truly defines the word ‘chug”. Make a cup of tea, grab a couple of biscuits and relax.


This is more of a Saturday night post but by Saturday night I shall be on holiday, hundreds of miles away so it’s a Tuesday morning post instead.

This superb hour long mix by Jon Hopkins via the ever reliable Fact has had me skipping about the room recently- there’s a magnificent bit about twenty minutes in where the tsk-tsk-tsk drums starting to be overtaken by a buzz-buzz-buzzing noise, like a swarm of bees have entered the control room and are flying around in time to the music. And that’s just the first twenty five minutes- it keeps getting better and better (and noisier and louder) after that. He worked with Coldplay via Brian Eno a few years back but there’s no need for that fact to worry you here- this is full on electronic dance music of the minimal house-techno variety. Free download too (but annoyingly it won’t embed).