Klik Klak

Back in the old nightclubbing days you’d go back to someone’s house or flat after the lights in the club had been rudely switched on and listen to records, partake in other activities and generally be very relaxed until the dawn arrived. On one such occasion, ’93 or 94 I’d guess, I heard both sides of a 12″ and enjoyed it very much. The next week, in a long deceased dance record shop in Altrincham, leafing through the 12″ section, I saw the very record I’d enjoyed so much only a few nights before. Klik Klak was one of many aliases of Dutch producer Erik van den Broek. One side (below) was minimal acid-techno, bouncing bassline and acid squiggles and packed an almighty punch. The other side sounded equally good at both 33 and 45 rpms. As neither side had song titles printed on it and there was a generic blank sleeve the sides to me were called the dance side and the stoned side (especially if played at 33, the ‘wrong’ speed).

This isn’t really Sunday morning music- not unless you’re still up from the night before.

Klik Klak (Dance Side)

I’d love to let you have an mp3 of this track but nothing technological is working right now so a Youtube stream is as good as it gets. Sorry.