Saturday Night Fairplay Mix

 I seem to have sleepwalked into a regular Saturday night mix feature- so here’s another one, this time from Timothy J Fairplay. Deep, dark, hot stuff. An hour long and free download too.

Mrs Swiss and I.T. are away for the weekend, just me and the daughter E.T. This afternoon we saw Monster’s University at the cinema and now the evening is our oyster.

In the picture Bryan and Diana Guinness on honeymoon in 1929, looking about as aloof as it is possible to look. Diana was one of the notorious Mitford sisters. They divorced in 1932 after she had started an affair with Oswald Mosley, leader of the slightly comedic British Union of Fascists. But it can’t have done much for a chap’s self esteem. Bryan may have had the last laugh- Diana spent most of World War II in prison, interned on the advice of MI5.

Thirteen Minutes Of Fun

Here I am again blethering on about that forthcoming remix album of The Asphodells’ Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust lp, due in September. This promo mix has appeared on Soundcloud which has the different remixes spliced together making a very fine thirteen minute piece of dub-influenced electronic dance music in its own right. As well  as cd/download the remix album will be out on vinyl, eight of the ten remixes only on spinning round black disc (no place for the Daniel Avery one or the Group Rhoda one).