The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 114

One from Lux and Ivy’s record box tonight and a pointer as to where Lux developed his Cramps vocal style from. In my research for some background details I came across commenters on Youtube, arguing about the relative merits of this record- gold or trash? Both.

Rockin’ Out the Blues


If you’re reading this then I’m still here.
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The Railway Children, Wigan’s favourite sons (before Verve popped up in pursuit of knowledge and wisdom through psychedelia and then big anthems in pursuit of fame). They were led by photogenic Gary Newby and signed to Factory in 1986. Their best known single Brighter (FAC 167) was a Factory gem, all jangling guitars and melodic 80s indie charm. Chart success eluded them and they jumped ship to Virgin where chart success still eluded them. The drummer sold Mrs Swiss a Nissan Micra in 1998, at Nissan Wigan. I don’t know what’s sadder- that the drummer from a former Factory band had become a car salesman or that I was quite impressed by this at the time.