The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 112

One hundred and twelve?! Whose idea was this? How am I supposed to keep coming up with rockabilly posts every Friday night for this long? Eh?

Sonny Burgess recorded this belter for Sun Records- trumpet led rockabilly from the 1950s extolling the virtues of a red headed woman. Gotta love red headed women. Like current Bagging Area favourite redhead Rose Leslie (from sex and gore fest Game Of Thrones).

Red Headed Woman

6 Responses

  1. Don't know what Game of Thrones is but she definitely isn't dressed for today. By god it's hot!

  2. 112…blimey. how have i not got all of those? that's some boxed set. carry on trooperx

  3. I do like a redhead.

  4. Just what is need in the household. Excellent.

  5. Keep going for as long as it takes Adam!

  6. As a bottle redhead, I approve.

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