The Mekons

George, a regular commenter and Friday night rockabilly enthusiast has been having a clear out and found a book he thought I might be interested in- I was- so he sent it to me. Isn’t the internet great? These connections we make sat in our homes with like minded souls around the globe (Glasgow in George’s case). The book is a collection of paintings and thoughts of Jon Langford, founder and foremost man of The Mekons. Jon Langford came from Wales and went to study art at Leeds University just as punk hit the provinces. Armed with some art criticism, some Marxist ideology, friendship with Gang Of Four and a complete inability to play their instruments The Mekons made the classic debut single Never Been In A Riot. A later version of The Mekons made country-punk, fired up by the real attitude of old country ‘n’ western, hard-living songs about love, loss, death, drinking and smoking. They toured the world in the 1980s leaving a trail of fiddles and guitars behind them and a small army of followers.

Where Were You is one of my favourite Mekons songs but I don’t seem to have it on the hard drive any more. I do have this one…

Hello Cruel World

I’ve long liked this one, Memphis Egypt, about the redemptive power of rock ‘n’ roll…

7 Responses

  1. Jon Langford – one of the head honchos on Bloodshot Records who may well have their own feature on CCM soon.I think I may well have given that book to him -glad he has passed it on to a good home

  2. Yes you did, and I show my gratitude by giving it away. What about the cd Adam?

  3. How on earth can you seriously survive without being able to listen to 'Where Were You' from time to time, SA? Unbelievable! Get it back on your 'puter NOW!

  4. Not listened to the cd yet George. Will give it a spin this weekend

  5. Hope I haven't created an awkward moment with you two George and CC?

  6. No more so than usual Adam…

  7. Great post Adam – you said everything about The Mekons/Jon Langfor in small worrds. I love them. But like Dirk said: how can you survive without listening to 'Where were you' time by time?

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