Warming Up With Kosmische Laufer

This is a bit of a find- some super cool kosmische music from the 1970s, recorded by Martin Zeichnete with the intention of providing the ideal soundtrack for a runner to do 5k at a reasonable pace, with music for the warm-up and warm-down as well. The East German sports authorities appropriated it but now over thirty years later it’s been made available at Bandcamp for the princely sum of £3.49. Lots of lovely warm washes of cosmic synths and motorikisms.

This post is for Mr Davy H, who I think will love this music- hope today goes as well as it can.

The Bandcamp player should be embedded in the gap above but is a bit temperamental.
Edit: this is apparently a hoax, which is a bit disappointing (but better informed people than me fell for it as well). It was made recently in Scotland. It still sounds really good, its just not long lost kosmische music made for East German athletes. Ho hum.