The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 107

Wanda Jackson is the rockabilly queen, the First lady of Rockabilly no less, and still out treading the boards in her 80s. She released an album last year, produced by Justin Townes Earle, going back to her rockabilly and country roots, and in 2009 Oklahoma City renamed an alley in  her honour- Wanda Jackson Way. Any decent Wanda compilation will be packed full of goodies- Fujiyama Mama, Riot In Cell Block 9, Funnel Of Love, Whirlpool, This Gun Don’t Care, Baby Loves Him, Honey Bop… and this one…

Hard Headed Woman

Pour me a gin and tonic, it is Friday, I have not smoked since Sunday and I require alcohol. And music.

8 Responses

  1. We're having a stubby. Well, 50% of us are…….

  2. Just had a Cobra. Moving on to G&T shortly. 100% of the adults in this household that is.

  3. Just watch. A word from the wise you tend to drink quicker not smoking, get completely pished after only an hour and end up early bedded until you master it. It's fun though but not for the other half.I'll have a large gin

  4. Yup. I'm watching.*drops trousers, runs round garden, does monkey dance, falls over*.Yer right Drew.

  5. Glowing effort SA. Guinness please. Put it on the tab.*And don't be using the lack of nicotine excuse for the trousers-down-monkey-dance-antics.

  6. goin to see n young next week with me dad – the man that got me into the shit. hear this …

  7. I've a Wanda Jackson tribute album on Bloodshot called Hard Headed Woman – will post something from it when I get round to my Bloodshot series

  8. That's a find Anto

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