Dot Again

Since writing this morning’s post I found a reference to a download only album at the end of last year called Pioneers with Dot and a whole host of electronica artists including Keith Tenniswood, Darren Emerson, Jagz Kooner and her hubby Christian Henson. It’s up at emusic, iTunes and at other such digital emporia. I’ve not listened to anything other than this song yet which sounds very much like Keith Tenniswood in his Radioactiveman guise with Dot singing- it has got a very busy, driving bassline.

2 Responses

  1. Dot twice and Beatrice in the space of a few days, methinks the laying off of the fags is playing havoc with your hormones.

  2. Will have to admit I was never a big One Dove fan, but never can get enough of Dot…

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