A man called Indidginus (known to his Mum as Michael) emailed me recently promising ‘deep bass, top rankin’ riddims and ragga vibes’. My love of dub and reggae has been fairly well documented here but I never really clicked with drum ‘n’ bass and apart from SL2’s On A Ragga Tip I couldn’t tell you much about ragga either. There are four tracks from the Ruff Tuff ep on the Soundcloud player below. The first three make me feel like an old man to be honest- but I do like the fourth one (3D Bonus track), which delivers on those rankin’ riddims promises. Or threats.

This Is About The Rest Of Us, The Ones You Left Behind

‘When you come to me in the dead of night and I convince myself it’ll be alright’

The closing song off Steve Mason’s latest lp is a thing of beauty, the singing and playing are superb, and if it catches you at the wrong moment will put a lump in your throat and make your eyes well up. One very good reason to get yourself down a record shop and buy the album.

‘And when you hold me close as the night unfolds and I convince myself that I will grow old ‘

Come To Me