Neu! Time

Krautrock (or kosmiche as it gets called now) has a reputation for being a bit difficult, a challenging listen, but much of Neu!’s output is like aural valium for me. I listened to Hallogallo the other day and felt considerably better for it- especially as at the moment the slightest thing has a tendency to make me feel like I’m about to lose it completely, swearing like a docker and stomping like a bull elephant. I’ve posted Hallogallo before so instead here’s Isi instead- from Neu! ’75, all piano and lovely warm analogue electronics with that good ole motorik drumming.


Amusingly years ago I had two of the three Neu! albums (Neu!, Neu!2 and Neu! ’75) and found the one I didn’t have on vinyl in HMV (which tells you it was a long time ago). I bought it, got it home and realised it was one I already had, so had to return to HMV and tell the man ‘uh, um, I bought this. And I’ve already got it, can I change it for something else?’ He looked at me like I was a total fuckwit- ‘You bought it and you’ve already got it?’ ‘Yes. The sleeves are quite similar. And the song titles are all in German. And I couldn’t remember which of their albums I’d got…’ He did let me change it. Out of pity mainly. And my statutory rights.