The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 102

A rockabilly revival act for Friday this week- Jack Rabbit Slim blasting it out with a Telecaster guitar sound that’s straight from The Johnny Burnette Rock ‘n’ Roll Trio and a throat stripping vocal performance. Makes me want to go out to a rockabilly party and drink and dance til dawn. If I had any money. And if such a party existed in Sale. Maybe we should have it here- you’re all invited.

Long Time Dead

And as a quiffy extra some live footage…

12 Responses

  1. All be round shortly. Do we need drink?

  2. Yes. You'd better bring some. I'm working up a thirst.

  3. Right, some rum and a few cans coming right up

  4. I'll tidy up a bit then. Now thinking how funny it would be if there was a knock at the door and all of you were there with rum, ginger and beer demanding some rockabilly. Would freak the kids right out.

  5. It would freak me out an' aw. Be a right laugh?You listened to any Gnod?

  6. It would be.Gno not heard any Gnod. Any good?

  7. Very, a bit Can, mixed with Krautrock with some beats now and again. Random purchase which turned out quite well unlikeThe Fugitives – Control Unit, a Julian Cope album of the month in Monorail, sticker says "treated vocals, crunchy minimal beats + space synth action", Drew says "pish"

  8. Ha. Write that on a sticker and put it on a copy on the rack.

  9. Nah then. Crashes gate. Sos I'm late. Bus from Sale was full of Manc Students. Are we in Cheshire now, or what?Put this crate in the fridge.Got any snap? I'm Hank Marvin.Evening Mrs Adam. Looking resplendent in the leopardskin Onesey.Spin some Burnette Mr DJ.Pass the M&Ms kids.

  10. Dickie- was wondering when you'd show. Glaf you could make it. Yes we are in Cheshire. And Trafford. With a Manchester postcode. Confusing. Kids- give the nice Yorkshireman some M&Ms

  11. Good start for a joke that, a Yorkshire man, a Mancunian and a jock were in a pub somewhere in the Manchester area . . .

  12. I'll charter my private jet from Australia…

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