The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 98

Howsabout an instrumental 50s goodie for tonight from The Storms, with some rocking rhythms and a great saxophone line (not a phrase I use often. Many a good tune has been ruined by allowing the saxophonist into the recording studio). This may be more surf than rockabilly but… it’s Friday, who cares? Pint please Gloria.


The Girl With A Pearl Earring

Another Bagging Area mini-series splutters to a painful close (I’m ignoring dragon tattoos and hornet’s nests).

Girl With A Pearl Earring is a painting by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, and a 2003 film starring Scarlett Johansson (which I haven’t seen). The painting is also known as the Mona Lisa of the north or the Dutch Mona Lisa.

Pearl Bastard was a previously unreleased Stone Roses demo that saw the light of day with that huge boxed set re-release of their debut album. What does it sound like? An unfinished Stone Roses demo. As links go it’s pretty tenuous- and I was going to put in a Pearl Harbour song (Pearl Harbour and the Explosions, former wife of Paul Simonon, Clash support act- in fact I’ve posted her rather good cover of Wanda Jackson’s Fujiyama Mama previously) until I remembered about this Roses song.

Pearl Bastard