The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 97

Mrs Swiss is off to a 70s night tonight- a fundraiser for Pictor Special School, the special needs Primary school our son I.T. used to go to. And it’s an opportunity for her to see her friends and have a dance.

But it made me think- it’d be fun to book a venue, publicise a 70s night, wait for everyone to arrive in their Afro wigs and fancy dress shop polyester flares and then give them a different version of the 70s- Neil Young, various versions of Bowie, some heavy 70s reggae, some Lee Scratch Perry, a dollop of dub, some Clash, Pistols, Buzzcocks, Siouxsie, X-Ray Spex, Bunnymen, Joy Division, some obscure early Factory bands, some scratchy post-punk, a few bits of Postcard, krautrock, Kraftwerk… I could always play I Feel Love as a crowd pleaser at the end and then send them on their way with Lou Reed’s Goodnight Ladies (from Transformer). Although there might be just me left by that point.

Anyway, enough- on with the rockabilly, this week from Billie J. Killen.

It Makes No Difference

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  1. They shouldn't have published at the same time.

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  4. Wife will turn 40 next month and as things look now I might be asked to DJ a bit at the big party (100 + people) she'll be doing together with a friend of hers. I said, well, no problem for me to play some 80's stuff for 5 or 6 hours to yer guests … let's wait what'll happen when she finds out that 80's is not automatically 80's in everyone's understanding .. most probably I'll be tarred and feathered when the party's over …

  5. @ Dirk: I did also some DJing at my friends 50th birthday and he didn't announced that it is my thing what I want to play (he gave me the general direction to play and what I'll make out of it was up to me). But there were so many people asking me to play this or to play that. So I put up the volume that I don't understand their questions. Better luck to you at your wife's party.@SA: Looking forward to Friday to hear the newest Rockabilly – ThanksWalter

  6. Blondie too, make sure you have some Blondie.

  7. Some of 'em might love it. Some would hate it. Same as if you tried to sum up the music of the noughties (? What the fuck are we supposed to call them??) in a themed night. What would that be? Dubstep, Bieber, Lady Gaga and a nostalgia for former decades? LOVE FNIRN.

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