Bowie Knife

The return of David Bowie then.

I liked the first one, Where Are We Know with it’s slow groove and reflectiveness, dropped totally unexpectedly on the world a while back and I like this one too. There’s enough going on in the video and the lyrics to keep the spotters busy for months. I’ll be honest though- I don’t own a single record or cd he’s made since Let’s Dance. I’d definitely got little to no interest in the late 90s and early 2000s for the lps he made. I did like his Buddha Of Suburbia soundtrack but never got around to buying it. But I am cheered by this comeback- if only because it’s good to have someone of his generation making an album that feels like it matters, because he wants to, he’s got something to say and something he wants to do. And in a year of (so far) some Bagging Area big hitters (The Asphodells, My Bloody Valentine, Johnny Marr, who have all occupied my ears for some time now) I’m looking forward to the album (even if the sleeve is very post-modern shite).


Darkstar have a new album out- News From Nowhere. Apt title really as they abandoned London and made it in a house in the wilds of West Yorkshire. Mrs Swiss’s family are from round those parts so I know them fairly well. Darkstar draw on the bits of dance music that can be a bit forbidding- grime, dubstep, electro- and add in melancholic electronica and ambient. Anyway, the new album’s beautiful and ace and out now on Warp. And named after a William Morris book, who also designed lovely wallpaper.

This was their breakthrough single from 2009.

Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer