I just had to follow yesterday’s Mexican with Apache- not the Shadows version but the Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band version which also caused a stir among the nascent hip-hoppers thirty odd years ago. It’s a long road from this to Dizzie Rascal.


6 Responses

  1. Da beatz that is. Not you.

  2. PS: That Don Letts comp you're getting these from looks ace.

  3. It is. Also has Kraftwerk, The Clash and a load of early hip hop. Worth looking out for.

  4. ..and still no Apache by the Shadows, unless I've missed it…or is that coming on Twangy Tuesday?

  5. I had a mate at college (still a friend actually , he was my best man) who did some DJ-ing and would spend a fortune on obscure records just because they had some famous drum break in them. This was one of them.I have some Shadows lined up for some post soon.

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