Glen Campbell Saved My Record Collection

He did too.

I was watching the Glen Campbell documentary on BBC4 a few Fridays ago and I moved over to the alcove where my records are stored on purpose built shelves (built by my own fair hands eight or nine years ago). Pulling two Glen Campbell records off of the shelf I realised to my horror the sleeves on the opening side were ever so slightly damp and smelt musty. Stacked up against the wall (an outside wall which takes the brunt of the weather rain) they were suffering from our especially wet year. A couple of shelves down Talking Head’s Fear Of Music had- you know what’s coming- mould on the sleeve. Mould. On the fucking sleeve. I had a meltdown. I began to pull records off the shelves and stack them up on the floor.

On Saturday we went to Ikea and bought an eight cube Expedit shelving unit. Yesterday I put the unit together and moved all the records from the front room into the backroom, filled the Expedit and another set of shelves with records and then moved all the books from the back room to the record shelves in the front room (the thinking being that books won’t fill the shelves as records did or touch the wall, thereby allowing warm air to circulate, so preventing the damp and mould that built up around my record collection). The record collection looked bigger in the front room somehow- but size (or even the impression of size) isn’t everything. This re-arrangement has led to various other changes to the downstairs rooms. And there are some unresolved issues with cd storage. I could go on but you’re probably bored already.

The new record room looks great. I may need another Ikea Expedit but I think it’s going to work better as well as keep the records safe, as I can now sit and listen to records in the back room while wife and daughter watch TV in the front room.

Thanks Glen.

Sadly Beautiful