Arizona Alpert

Another Public Enemy mash up I re-found recently (I think via Tedloaf and Twitter). Chuck D rages about Arizona, the state who refused to recognise Martin Luther King Day, while Herb Alpert parps away merrily underneath. Herb sued the makers, The Evolution Control Committe. Chuck and Flavor Flav didn’t. But then PE always knew what time it was.

4 Responses

  1. Didn't they do another PE/Herp Alpert mix? I'm sure Peel played it. I might even have it on 7-inch.

  2. …they did. Rebel without a pause. On pickled egg records. The Whipped Cream Mixes. Still have it. Next to Elastica, just after the Dundee United 7-inch….

  3. The Dundee United 7". Haven't got that…

  4. I love it when a blog puts together a blog I didn't get around to writing!I to remember hearing it on Peel and him mentioning Leicester's very own Pickled Egg Records, home of early Go Team and Freed Unit releases.

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