Kill For Love

I bought an album on a whim last weekend, based on it being recommended by someone and in Piccadilly Records top ten lps of 2012- Chromatics’ album Kill For Love. On double pink vinyl. Also I’d heard their cover version of New Order’s Ceremony which I thought was alright (with Glass Candy’s Ida No on guitar and Johnny Jewel, it turns out, is a member of both bands).

Some of the songs are growing on me, individually, although as a whole album I think it’s too long and samey, too one paced. But maybe that’s me and my lessening patience for 16 song albums. There’s an early 80s mix of clean guitarlines, crisp production and electronics and a lot of icy atmosphere. At times the FX on the vocals are really irritating- singer Adam Miller making way too much use of his vocoder- but when Ruth Radelet sings things take off. The title track features Ruth’s vocals and the unmistakeable influence of Bernard, Hooky, Steven and Gillian.

Kill For Love

6 Responses

  1. Iwas swaying about this one but you have convinced me not to buy it SA. I think my days for 16 track albums are over, I seem to be reverting back to a 45 man.After many plays I have really gotten into the Goat album but superior to Dexys or Spiritualized, I think not.

  2. Not heard the Goat album yet despite all the praise for it. Chromatics I'm still undecided about- this is the problem isn't it. Lots of things worth hearing but are they worth shelling out 10-15 quid for?

  3. That's it SA, at fifteen quid and upwards I have decided that it really has to be very good this year to get my money. After all for the price of two albums I may be able to get a soul single that I will play a hell of a lot more.

  4. Price of new vinyl is appalling too, especially when cds have remained at around a tenner. New vinyl lps for £25 is taking the piss- record companies cashing in on vinyl's new found trendiness.

  5. Really like the Chromatic's album. 2012 was a year full of music I collected and Kill For Love floated up toward the top.Oh as for new vinyl, it's priced for hipsters who are also buying $400 record players and $300 headphones made by some middle aged former Rap Artist.

  6. Been Spotifying The Chromatics a fair bit and enjoying it – I'm not normally one for long albums either, but in this case I like the way it builds and flows and takes its time to open out.

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