Three Today

How’s your head? No, I’m not too good either I’m afraid.

My humble blog is three years old today.

I can’t quite imagine life without it or before it.

Here’s some deeply dubby Lee Perry produced reggae, sung by Errol Walker, to ease you into the new year. Get yourself a cup of tea, curl up on the sofa, tap along gently. Feels better already doesn’t it?

Better Future

12 Responses

  1. congrats on 3. Here's to many more

  2. Happy blog birthday SA. Here's to many more.But just to rub it in I feel brilliant must have been the Yaegerbomb at the Bells that did it.

  3. No h/over here either, sorry to rub some more. Bit tired mind. Three years is it? Seems like only yesterday.Word veri = 'pineskin' (supported Smashing Pumpkins in 1991. Probably.)

  4. My hangovers cleared up pretty quickly actually. We are about to go for a walk by the Mersey, possibly stopping off in Jackson's Boat for a NY pint. Is that a good idea or not?

  5. A true public service.Keep up the good work

  6. HNY all-comers. Cleaning the shed and singing Burt Bacharach.Thought Jools was a bit shit last night. Ended up at 1.30 am watching a re-run of the 1979 Darts World Final presented by Sid Waddell. Off to a friend's full house later to munch and quaff and sit in a circle on borrowed dining room chairs with folk from Huddersfield whom I barely know. Work tomoz, so only 6 Boddingtons allowed.Well done on the tree years SA. Old hand now, eh. May your inspirational juices and sluices soak into our consciousness for many moons to come.

  7. Happy bday/new year. Head very fuzzy today, but lcfc score cheering me up

  8. I once hired and worked with Sid Waddell (may he RIP)'s daughter. True story.

  9. HNY and all the best to you and yours. Hope you finally finished your idea for a NY pint. I raise mine to you

  10. Congrats, mate, a very happy NY and all the very best for 2013!Keep on the good work, will you?

  11. the very bonaest birthday lavs dearie. always a pleasurex

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