New Year’s Eve is probably the most overrated night of the year, all expectation and little delivery, and it’s now been well over a decade since I had to go out, pay over-the-odds to get in somewhere and have a ‘big’ night out. It’s round to friends, chuck the kids in a room with sweets and a games console while the adults get slowly drunk in the kitchen. With the same adults then complaining when I take control of the stereo.

Whatever you’re doing tonight- going out, staying in, going out to stay in- you could do worse than start your night off with Andrew Weatherall’s 6 Mix show from New Year’s Eve 2010, an hour of tunes from the Primal Scream Screamadelica tour bus.

Andrew Weatherall NYE 2010 6 Mix (Screamadelica Tour Bus)

Patti Paladin and Johnny Thunders Let Me Entertain You
Tav Falco Oh How She Dances
Bo Diddley Dancing Girl
Webb Pierce Teenage Boogie
T Rex Teenage Boogie
Simon Scott Move It Baby
Corporate Image Not Fade Away
Anandar Shankar Jumpin’ Jack Flash
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Faith Healer
The Standells Medication
New York Dolls Trash
Terry Edwards Never Understand
La Dusseldorf Rheinita
Silver Apples I Have Known Love
A.R. Kane A Love From Outer Space
The Glitter Band Let’s Get Together Again

Bon Voyage my friends, thanks for coming. Quite a few people I know will be glad to see the back of 2012. Here’s to a better year in 2013.

5 Responses

  1. Hope you have a good night SA and all the best for next year.We will need to meet up for pints in Didsbury next year.We will be going three doors down, so not far to drag myself home when I've had more than enough.

  2. Likewise, have a good NYE SA. I'll be on my lonesome as the wife has gone off to attend to sick parents, leaving me minding my son.

  3. We're a few streets away, not too far to walk (while pushing Isaac home in his wheelchair, always afraid that'll turn up on some cctv horror show at some point).Didsbury's on Drew, just let me know when you're down. NYE on your own might not be so bad Ctel. At least no one can complain about your choice of music. And Jools is on….

  4. HNY to you & yours SA. We're in – with Guinness and fizz. And the Northern Soul playlist, I think x

  5. Happy new world in 2013 to all of us.Less tears and pain – more hope and laughter.Best wishes our kid.

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