If I ignore this hangover maybe it’ll go away.
That isn’t going to work.

Something nice and soothing- a remix of a song off Cat Power’s Sun album from a couple of months back, by Nicolas Jaar. A church organ and Chan Marshall singing sounding like you’re outside the church. Lovely. And quite seasonal as we enter December.

Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar remix)

8 Responses

  1. Happy Hangover. Can you think of any reason why permission denied to download yesterday's track? I've asked this before – is it a "takedown" thing? Anyone else having problems? I'd rather spend my money on the new soul comp from King/Federal just out on Ace than the recommended Amazon download

  2. You need Irn Bru preferably from an ice cold glass bottle and a roll aand slice sausage nothing else works, trust me I work in clinical research.

  3. ..or an OVD and lemonade…trust me I'm a doctor…

  4. Trust George

  5. I'm not sure about the permission denied thing George- seems to be working here, so don't think its a DMCA takedown.Hangover cures not working.

  6. Time is the only cure.Trust me I'm a gynaecologist.(Part-time. To keep me hand in)How was the pre-Christmas do?

  7. It was ok. I got pished, as Drew puts it. Marred by having coat & scarf stolen fron cloakroom in a nightclub & a dickhead boubcer who refused to let me to look for it. Suppose I shouldn't go clubbing with staff nearly 20 years my junior. Still waiting for clubowner to phone me when he's 'looked at the cctv footage'.

  8. Oh dear.That is really annoying. And bound to re-inforce your view of such places and events. Freezing cold night too. And – unlike many – you'd had the sense to dress for the weather. Bet your beerdrunk soul was sadder than a hundred dead Christmas trees.

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