The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 83

By the time this is published I shall be preparing for I.T.’s 14th birthday bash- pizza, chips, fizzy pop and a dozen of his able bodied friends from round our way. No-one celebrates a birthday quite like I.T.; badge, bunting and banners a prerequisite. He’d probably be quite happy looking at girls at a jukebox as well.

Here’s Herbie Smith from 1958.

So Wild Over You


6 Responses

  1. birthday greetings to the young chap from all the way over here. and ta as ever for more sounds to rock our kitchenx

  2. Rocking kitchens is what its all about.

  3. (Inevitably) 'three more from them later'

  4. Looking forward to this one. As usual. Can't say the same for the other 50% of the household though………

  5. ………..and did you hear Frank Wilson's "Do I Love You" on Coronation Street the other day? Craig Charles' influence?

  6. 14 eh. Blimey. Chips n pizza – perfect. And a small 'well done' to mum and dad in the background.Love and laughterDickie

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