Death Letter, Hot Water

We are into day 5 of enforced Victorian living- come and film us Channel 4. Our boiler stopped working on Sunday- no central heating or hot water all day. It is not easy to fill a bath with the kettle and a few pans. The boilerman came on Monday and said our expander unit had popped causing the system to trip out. He’s ordered a new one but no sign of it yet. We have two portable radiators and an electric fan heater Mrs Swiss had when I first met her (and it wasn’t new then). On Sunday night we bathed at friends. Boilerman did a temporary fix for us, emptying the kitchen radiator to act as an expander unit. This has, since Monday evening, provided intermittent heat and some hot water. Some as in not enough. I got those faulty boiler blues.

Son House’s blues song Death Letter plays in the film of On The Road and hearing it on the big screen last week reminded me of its power and beauty. Two clips for you…

This one, undated, but I’m guessing 1950s (?)

And this one from 1970…

And without wanting to come across as one of those authenticity blues bores, they just go to show that lights, staging, films and projections, heck, even having a guitar that’s in tune, are all a little superfluous at times.

4 Responses

  1. Bit of a bugger being without heating and hot water. We had to go without for a week. And it cost us £300 to get fixed. That's a lot of Rockabilly records!

  2. Fucking tyre just blew out on the motorway as well. It was the spare I changed yestrday. More money down the drain.

  3. BollocksI just wrote a really long rambling comment about post war northern Britain, slums, misfortune, outside loos and Vosene.And now it's all gorn. Inexplicably goosed by Blogger. Flushed away forever with the bubbles from your tin bath.Keep smiling!

  4. You don't need a boiler, it's positively tropical down here!

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