I See You Crying And I Want To Kill Your Friends

There aren’t many days that can’t be immediately improved by a spinning of Aztec Camera’s 1983 single Oblivious. Brilliant tune, sprightly guitar playing, cracking lyric, and written, recorded and released when Roddy Frame was twelve years old or something. When Rough Trade put this out it just missed out on the  top 40. When WEA re-released it was a hit. Bloody majors with their big budgets.


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  1. Absolutely wonderful last night, performed Spanish Horses which I haven't heard live in over fifteen years. The venue, Paisley Abbey although beautiful, made the audience quite reserved and there was not the same sort of sing a long as there usually is to Oblivious, Walk Out To Winter and Down The Dip.

  2. Realised the coincidence when you tweeted you were going. Hadnt planned this. Gig sounds great.

  3. It was and he covered a Jessie Rae song, Inside Out. Must admit I wasn't aware of ther fact that Rae had written that. But Frame could cover Megadeath and make it sound good.

  4. Odyssey's Inside Out? Or should I say Inside Out, as made famous by Odyssey? Either way, that sounds great.I saw Edwyn Collins Tweeting something about it earlier but couldn't quite follow the gist of what he was on about.

  5. Phil, the very same track. When he said a Jesse Rae song I feared it was going to be Over The Sea!

  6. Walk Out To Winter, the single version, which is much much better than the album version, is my all time favourite song by anybody.

  7. Thanks for posting this. I love Aztec Camera. Roddy is a genius and a top bloke. I once enjoyed a very drunken night out with him in Manchester, after we'd both turned up at the Hacienda to find the gig we were going to (Win, I think) had been cancelled and the place was deserted!

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