The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 78

I promised The Cramps’ Peel Session cover version of Andy Starr’s Give Me A Woman last Friday evening and here it is a week later, all the way from 1986. I’ll have several of whatever you’re having (within reason).

Give Me A Woman (Peel Session)

Edit; something’s gone wrong here- it’s still Thursday night in the real world.

Can You Judge A Man By The Clothes He Wears?

To answer the question, er, sometimes yes I think so.

I’ve always found the triple threat of Page, Beck and Clapton a bit offputting when it comes to The Yardbirds. But their modish roots, Keith Relf’s hair and their beat boom rocking blues can be more than fine from time to time. I’ve got a cheap vinyl compilation bought back in the late 80s and that’s about it apart from the odd track on compilations. Like this one.

You’re A Better Man Than I