The Seaside Town They Forgot To Close Down

Bagging Area loves The Smiths, from their first recorded note to the end of Strangeways, Here We Come. Except Golden Lights, no likes that. Bagging Area is somewhat choosier about Morrissey’s solo career, which has had more ups and downs than a two year old on a trampoline. The first few records were promising- Suedehead was a great ‘You can’t knock me down’ first single, Viva Hate had many good moments (Everyday Is Like Sunday particularly, Late Night Maudlin Street still hits me, a few others as well). The appearance and guitarwork of Vini Reilly and Viva Hate’s high points can’t be a coincidence. Last Of The International Playboys was a proper, Smithsy single that still sounds great today. After that we parted company me and Moz until a flirtation with Your Arsenal (mainly the ace glam stomp of Glamorous Glue)and then didn’t get back together again until his post 2000 rebirth with You Are The Quarry, the better Ringleader Of The Tormentors and then Years Of Refusal. There are individual solo songs I’ve heard and liked but I don’t own any other Morrissey solo lps apart from a best of.

Everyday Is Like Sunday is superb late 80s indie pop. A cracking tune and playing with a great lyric invoking the truly melancholic state of the English seaside town out-of-season. It also echoes Sir John Betjeman with his ‘come friendly bombs and fall on Slough’ line.

Everyday Is Like Sunday

Betjeman recorded much of his poetry including this, The Licorice Fields Of Pontefract, set to music in fine style. I’ve been looking for this on 7″ for years.