The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 69

The return of The Cramps to Friday evening. I’ve been playing a compilation of their early stuff, File Under Sacred Music 1978-81, a lot this week – the cd version not the box set of 7″ singles, which costs an eye watering £70- and there really is nothing like early Cramps. Rockabilly mating with punk. Love it all (although this song isn’t actually on File Under Sacred Music).

Tear It Up

The picture is from a series of photographs taken by a young Ken Russell of Teddy boys and girls in bomb sites in London in the 1950s. Stunning set of pictures. Which leads me onto… London 2012.

In a volte face that’s quite surprised me, after months of detached cynicism, I’m looking forward to the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics tonight. The year-long build up has bugged me, the corporateness is revolting (people being warned not to wear branded clothing that will clash with official sponsors), the torch relay (showing the best inspirational people we have to offer; Jedward and Will.I.Am) but over the last few days I’ve begun to look forward to it. Just hope Danny Boyle’s remembered to include a pound shop, an out of town retail park and a tanning salon in this evening’s show.

It’s Friday…Let’s Pogo!

Brother John Robb and Goldblade make old school punk rock- breakneck guitars, pounding drums, shouty choruses, flashy punk/rockabilly threads, great for jumping up and down to. If you’ve not seen them live you should give them a go next time they play in your town. John Robb has opinions to go with the quiff and biceps (his Louder Than War blog is in the links down below), is a Manchester face and all round good guy. Unfortunately I have slurred my own opinions at him once or twice when slightly the worse for wear in some of Manchester’s nightspots. He takes it all with good grace.