Today is the first day of my summer holiday. Not done too much. My two kids are still at school (until Wednesday). Pottered about the house. Done some household chores. Played some records, including an acapella version of Bring the Noise by Public Enemy which I got at a record stall in Sale’s Traders’ Outlet on Saturday afternoon and briefly considered playing it over The Magnificent Dance version of The Clash’s Magnificent Seven 12″ which also happened to be lying around but then decided getting the twin decks out was too much bother. Cycled up to the village to buy pasties for Mrs Swiss and her co-workers at the nursery who were doing their end of year clean up and sort out. Sat on the grass eating pasties. Cycled home. Read about Bradley Wiggins in the paper. Etc etc. Nice to do nothing after all the madness of the last few weeks and the bad news our friends have had at the end of last week. Opened an email from my brother in Germany that I’d missed last week to find a link to a rather good interview from Granada Reports back in 1989 with The Stone Roses and some great rehearsal footage, which I thought I’d share with you to end this rather aimless and boring post. Off now to get the youngest from school.

Non- related picture- Lee Miller taken by Man Ray.

9 Responses

  1. It's good isn't it!

  2. Love days like that.We're off and noodling at home too. Brilliantly it was the same temperature in London today as Ibiza. I know it won't last, but carpe diem and bring on the rosados.

  3. Good stuff. Cocky fuckers eh. Such humble beginings.

  4. get a proper job

  5. Arf. You just made me spit my tea out with laughter Ctel.

  6. as Ctel says. Fucking teachers, long holidays, expect me to pay for their pensions as well as my own, etc, etc

  7. And educate your children.

  8. If you tolerate SA, then your children will be next.

  9. Thats me- manic street teacher.

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