Alone Again Or

I sometimes think all I’m doing here is finding one thousand three hundred different ways of saying ‘Hey, this is a good song’. I think blogging works best when there’s a story attached to it, something to give it context, and not just some biographical details cobbled together from Wikipedia. In this song’s case it’s just me going ‘Hey, this is a good song’.

I love this song and the album it comes with- Forever Changes. In the late 80s it was one of those legendary 60s lps that people talked about in awed tones. Hearing it for the first time was a revelation- they were right,  it was as good as they said though not necessarily what I expected, a million miles away from Byrds, Doors, Stones. This song, written by Brian MacLean, is awash with possibility, taking the 60s beat boom somewhere else entirely. But there’s sadness in those horns and flamenco rhythms too.

Alone Again Or

5 Responses

  1. Lemmy's favourite album, I remember reading somewhere. I don't play it as much as I used to but whenever I do stick it on the whole album tends to get played.

  2. Favourite album of 50% of the Stone Roses too.

  3. It's an album that I used to play to death. The hippies that I was friendly with when I was 13/14 always went on about Arthur Lee and Love which I foundvery strange as to me it is not a hippy album, it reeks of malevolence.I actually prefer Da Capo, apart from Revelation that goes on far too long.

  4. 7&7 Is is my favourite song of theirs I think but I prefer Forever Changes as a whole lp. Agree about malevolence. There's a nasty undercurrent to them

  5. hey, thats a good song…

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