More Weatherall- yawn. Wait though, there’s other stuff here too.

In November 1998 I went to Manchester’s Cornerhouse Cinema and Arts Space to see Andrew Weatherall play records as a soundtrack to FW Murnau’s 1929 silent film Nosferatu. It was very, very good and very, very spooky. Mrs Swiss was heavily pregnant with our unborn firstborn and the scary soundtrack obviously affected pre-natal I.T. At one point he moved, a limb causing a shark’s fin to arc visibly over Mrs Swiss’s belly. Bizarre.

The Youtube poster of the entire film says this of Nosferatu-

1929 silent film by F.W. Murnau tells the story of a young man who leaves his bride and travels to see a mysterious count in order to sell a house. He finds that the creature he encounters is not of this world. This version of the”Dracula” tale remains one of the best and rightfully claims it place in cinematic history.

This Weatherall- Dracula event was pre-internet, pre-mobile phone recording. Neither Andrew Weatherall nor the Cornerhouse recorded it (unless they did and it’s never been released). I think it was a one-off and there is almost nothing on the internet about it. A Weatherall event with no internet record- double bizarre. 

The song here, vampire link ahoy, is Destroy Yourself by Michael Dracula, remixed by JD Twitch from 2009. Michael Dracula are or were, I think, a band from Glasgow. Ms Dracula (above) sings

‘Wake up 
Be happy 
Stay in
Save your money 
You’ll be dead a long time honey’

 After that things go a bit mental in Optimo style.

Destroy Yourself (Twitch’s Optimo Mix)

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  1. Saw that film on the telly late one night twenty plus years ago. Scared the bejasus out of me.

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