Count Five

It’s a funny thing how in music the artists with a body of work are on the whole the ones held up for veneration. To be really taken seriously you have to have a large back catalogue, as if the quantity of music produced is the real signifier of serious musicians and artists. San Jose’s Count Five produced one single and one album but I’d take this one song over, say, Bruce Springsteen’s entire recorded output (yeah, I know Nebraska’s supposed to be good). Covered by The Cramps as well, on Smell Of Female.

Psychotic Reaction

10 Responses

  1. Some of my favourite singles are one offs.But you are wrong to take this over all of Sprinsteen's output. There are some real gems in there. Just because he's sold millions and misinterperpreted by the likes of Ronald Reagan doesn't mean that it's rubbish.

  2. I'm not sure I think Springsteen's rubbish. I've just never got into him. I plucked him out of thin air- could just as easily have been Van Morrison.

  3. You might think Sprinsgteen is rubbish but I do. Dreadful. Nebraska? Less than special. Ordinary. Re. Drew's comment, it's not because some of his output was purloined by the loony American right, it's because he's just not very good at all. Psychotic Reaction post – good. Have you got the Nuggets box set? (4cd's all good…unlike Springsteen). Van Morrison does, though, have his moments.

  4. Oh dear I missed the word NOT between "might" and "think"

  5. Each to their own George but deep down you know you are wrong

  6. Nuggets box is great. Springsteen- I'm against generally mainly due to 80s upbringing. Van Morrison- I have tried and may go back.

  7. Sorry about the rant, probably fatigue brought on by writing SAR for my course. Are you an expert on Equality and diversity in the teaching of Mathematics. Aprt from "it's a good thing and I'm for it?"

  8. …bring on FNIRN…(Friday night is….)

  9. Erm… no. I'm a history teacher. But equality & diversity are good things in all subjects obviously

  10. There are some really bloody good songs in Bruce's catalogue. And the stuff that isn't very good is better than most peoples work.I think his peak is the 70s output, but Tunnel Of Love in the 80s is one of my favourite albums of that decade. And I'm an 80s kid after all.Meanwhile, growing up listening to soul and reggae and Mod stuff there's plenty of one song/one album outfits that I'd rather listen to than Bruce so you're not alone. I love this, it's great, so much energy. The Cramps version aint too shabby either. They've been a minor obsession this year them Cramps people. Kind of nice listening on a commute to work. Sleazy.

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