Jah Wobble (And Man Ray)

We love the bass here at Bagging Area Towers and never moreso than when being played by Jah Wobble. After a spell out of the music industry (partly spent giving gnomic announcements to commuters on the London Underground’s tannoy system) Jah came back with post-acid house outfit, The Invaders Of The Heart, resulting in the epic Visions Of You single and then in 1994 Becoming More Like God. What you have here is Secret Knowledge’s remix which clocks in at a nifty fourteen minutes and one second. A 12″ single where Kris Needs redefines expansive and epic. Hope it doesn’t wipe out the rest of my Boxnet bandwidth for this month.

Today’s Man Ray portrait is of another American lost in Paris, painter Karin Van Leyden. Well, you didn’t want a picture of Jah did you? Or Kris Needs?

Becoming More Like God (Secret Knowledge To Hell And Back Mix)

8 Responses

  1. Just finished reading Wobble's autobiography. It's a great read.

  2. Mind the gap (between the beats)Ctel

  3. 'I used to be somebody' was what his autobiography claims he once announced. After telling everyone the next train was terminating at Cockfosters…

  4. I left a comment here about this, earlier in the week, didn't I? Wh'appen?It said something like 'He's a gent, and so are you – don't fancy you chances re. the bw mind'Not the first time I've repeated meself.

  5. I know. Out of my league. Think your comment reminded me of Jah

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