Disco Umpty Number Six

Some unreleased Andrew Weatherall from a couple of years back for you on this bank holiday Monday. Disco Umpty Number 6 is one of those funky seven minute dub-disco tunes with a super-fat bassline that he can probably produce at the drop of a hat. An Edwardian hat. This mp3 was from a Weatherall 6 Mix show, ripped by Moggieboy from the dearly departed Ripped In Glasgow blog and I’d forgotten about it until it popped up on the headphones the other day. Turn it up and move.

Disco Umpty Number 6

For those of you of a Weatherall bent there’s a Soundcloud page here with two minute clips of a load of his recent remixes, some as yet unreleased.

We are driving to London today to see Mrs Swiss’s best friend who’s just turned 40, away for a couple of days. Because I’m good to you (and because I’m borderline obsessive; I mean who’s making me do a post every day? No-one, I’m doing this to myself) I’ve set up some posts for while we’re away.