Be Brave

I had a weird dream last night that featured some of you lot (at least dream versions of you, I don’t know what most of you look like). Various bloggers had met up in a Scottish city. I’ve got a vague feeling it was Dundee, a place I’ve never been and know nothing about apart from there’s a cake named after it and the two football grounds are very close together. We all took part in some music-based event on a Saturday night and the following morning played an 11-a-side game against a football team, in which I didn’t play very well (Drew, Davy and Ctel pointed this out to me repeatedly). The Vinyl Villain JC (whose face is on his blogsite but had grown curly hair) sweated profusely afterwards in a pub. Then I woke up.

This song came out on 10″ vinyl last year by Tropic Of Cancer. Described as dark ambient, drone, industrial and metal (!?) this is the soundtrack to a strange dream- repetitive, dark grey, doom laden disco. Unsettling and really very good.

Be Brave

3 Responses

  1. I told you you didn't play very well? I would refer you to this, with hugs.

  2. Ha. Thanks Davy. There's a bloglink to everything isn't there?

  3. And if you had ever seen me, you would know that I am well past my best footballing days.It couldn't have been Dundee because I would never go near there on my own volition.This did make me smile though.

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