Killing The Music Industry

This is, I think, partly what this blogging thing is supposed to be about. I didn’t buy The Kills’ Blood Pressures album that came out last year. I just missed it, it passed me by. Last month Drew posted one of the songs from it, saying it was his second most played record of 2011. The song was Baby Says. I downloaded it but only got around to hearing it this week when my mp3 player put it on as I pulled out of the carpark leaving work. I almost pulled over to listen to it properly. Since then I’ve played it whenever I can. I’m ever so slightly obsessed with it- the snakey Gimme Shelter guitar riff, Alison’s vocal delivery, the distorted drums, the whole overloadedness of the production. The video is here.

So now I need to buy the album, which I’ll do as soon as payday arrives. I notice Baby Says was a 7″ single too, there were dub mixes of lead single Satellite and a recent single with some cover versions on the B-side. So there’s a good few records I’ll pay for due to Drew posting one song. What’s the problem music industry? Isn’t this what you want?

I found this one in my d/l folder too, can’t remember when or where I clicked on it, probably ages ago and then forgotten about, more fool me- Mad Professor remixing the aforementioned Satellite inna dub stylee.

Satellite (Out Of Orbit Dub!)

3 Responses

  1. Hello bud – been following ur blog for a while now – love it.what u say here is spot on – i use blogs to discover new music (and also so i have digital copies of stuff i've got on vinyl). there's loads of stuff i've bought following a download from a blog – from sons & daughters to lissie to django django! the same principle applies with cover mounted free cds with mags – this though is endorsed by the labels – i cant see the difference myself?

  2. Here here……'s what it's all about. You download one song and it leads to the purchase of many. I've lost count of the the number of purchases I've made as a result of a download. The record companies are either missing the point or just plain greedy.

  3. It was probably from me as well. It was their RSD 2011 release. The Last Goodbye 10" is well worth the money, it has the best version of Pale Blue Eyes I've ever heard, even better than Edwyn Collins and Paul Quinn which is saying something. The guitar sound is just wonderful.

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