I Want To Do Bad Things With You

I may be about to blot my copybook here. About eighteen months ago a friend whose taste I usually trust asked if we’d watched True Blood and then deposited the boxed sets for Series 1 and 2 with us. I wasn’t confident- I mean, come on, vampires? The fact it was made by HBO meant we gave it a go and inevitably gobbled up all twenty four episodes pretty quickly before going in for Series 3. It’s high camp with lashings of gore and filth and is completely ridiculous but good fun too and not what I’d usually watch. What got me pretty quickly was the theme song, Bad Things, played over the opening titles with a mixture of southern gothic imagery. The song’s by someone called Jace Everett, about whom I know nothing. The new series started last night. We don’t (and won’t) have Sky so will have to wait for the box set. In the mean time here’s the song from those titles. It’s not as good without the pictures to be honest.

Bad Things

2 Responses

  1. Never seen it SA, like you no sky and never will.What is it about Vampires and Werewolves and the like at the moment?

  2. This is required viewing round our house, a fantastic series.

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