Manhattan To Manchester- The Wonders Of The Internet

Isn’t the internet wonderful?
A few days ago I got in from work to open an email from a reader- Henry from Manhattan, New York. That on its own is enough to bugger up my mind a little; someone on the other side of the world has been reading my blog. Henry wrote loads of nice things in his email, how he’s been exploring loads of English/British bands and acid house from twenty years ago and how Bagging Area ‘helps music become a social experience’ and how the internet has limitless and instant communication. Which is what blogging is all about really. Henry also sings and plays in a band, Zula, who play psych-indie pop partly inspired by the acid house/post acid house bands and partly by krautrock. Listen to this over at Bandcamp (and download it for free) and I think you’ll agree that Henry and Zula have got it nailed down very well and from what he told me their hearts are slapbang in the right place.

2 Responses

  1. It blows my mind too that my blog is read by people from all over the planet. You checked out your stats lately…Greece? Really? someone in Greece is reading my blog…!

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