Given all the goings on with Megaupload and the such it possibly shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve just logged into my Mediafire account and found every mp3 file gone, the last months songs. They’ve wiped the lot, including the files for the posts for tomorrow and Wednesday. Anyone else affected by this? Is it worth re-upping them? Switch filehost? Give up? Go legit?
Answers on a postcard…

I Can’t Love You, I Really Don’t Think That I Can

As a wee follow up to yesterday’s Billy Childish post this is another of Billy’s key songs, re-recorded with Medway folk-punk band The Singing Loins, although this is folk above punk in terms of sound. Sounds like it was recorded in someone’s kitchen. Which it probably was. You can find The Singing Loins website here, with a biography that finishes with these words: ‘Perversely unambitious, they remain untainted, uncorrupted and above all still doing it for the reason they started- love.’

I Don’t Like The Man I Am