Weatherall Mix Roundup 5

You might want to have a look at this over at Soundcloud. Andrew Weatherall playing Back To Basics 20 last December. Starts and ends with Smokebelch. Two hours plus long. Free download. What are you waiting for?

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 43

Another song from the Best Of Fury Rockabilly Volume 2, as promised last week. This one was a bit of a revelation. First revelation- it’s unexpectedly good, with an urgent, rocking, raw, bluesy guitar riff, great distorted vocals, real contemporary rockabilly. Second revelation- they’re from Austria.

Man’s Ruin

I Got Lost Inside It All

After escaping The Bunnymen Ian McCulloch released his solo album Candleland. It led with this single, a perfectly formed little song with typically McCulloch lyrics. In truth it also sounds like the last blast of the old days of the mid 80s, before 1989 turned into something else for fans of guitar bands. Still, it sounds pretty good today, twenty three years on. Yep- twenty three.

Proud To Fall