Out With The Old

Whatever you’re doing tonight you could do worse than letting this man provide you with some musical accompaniment. Here is an hour’s worth of Andrew Weatherall, his Hogmanay mix for BBC 6 Mix this time last year, no tracklist I’m afraid. Have a good evening, don’t overdo it. You’ll regret it in the morning. I usually do.

Andrew Weatherall Hogmanay 6 Mix 2010

Wonder Where I’m Bound

…is as good a question for New year’s Eve as any. It’s also the title of Dion’s ‘great lost’ 1969 album. The Wanderer and Runaround Sue pop star recorded this album of folk blues, acoustic songs, folk rock and full-on electric blues. It’s got its moments but is also a bit of a ‘chuck everything against the wall and see what sticks’ record and, surprise surprise, it bombed. The song here is Now, with a great Dylanesque chorus- ‘No-one knows better than I how you feel’.

As for the question in the title and 2012- who knows? More of the same I reckon.