Loft Creation

A couple more Creation posts to come, kicking off this chilly Monday with Pete Astor’s 80s indie band The Loft, described in the Creation documentary Upside Down as ‘the first proper band Creation signed’. The Loft didn’t last long, splitting up onstage with Pete Astor and drummer Dave Morgan moving on sharpish to The Weather Prophets. The Loft’s best song, Up The Hill And Down The Slope, has been featured at Bagging Area before. This is a live version from a Loft compilation cd released by Rev-ola in 2005. I’d like to tell you when and where the performance dates from but at some point the booklet has been victim of a spillage accident. The pages are stuck together and ripping as I open them, destroying the info. Grrrrr!!! Bleeding kids!!! Anyway, seeing as The Loft only really existed between 1982 and 1985 we’ll just have to say that this is The Loft live, for over six and a half minutes, sometime in the early-to-mid 1980s.

Up The Hill And Down The Slope (Live sometime in the 80s)

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